House Blessings

House Blessings
Symbols, Nature and Kanji

Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hypertufa, Art and objects for the Garden


Fresh, curing Starfish

STARFISH  dry stream bed or POND ART

Water element
                                                                                  This is a Hypertufa project done in 3 parts, held together with screws.
I don's think I need to say much as I believe the visual metaphor stands alone. I will mention the Hypertufa Gunnera leaf was given to me by a client, (although I typically prefer not to use color so boldly in the garden, I leave that to the plants and flowers) however, I enjoy the contrast it transmits.
Awesome moss!
Bird Bathing  and Drying Station
still seasoning

These are the most utility in shape, I  call them bridges, but I use them in every conceivable way... 
Coin and Bridges
Sacred "Om"

Spiral Fountain
Tribal Spitters.

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