House Blessings

House Blessings
Symbols, Nature and Kanji

Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Friday, February 25, 2011


Dorian Gray gone bad
Therapy made solid. This is from a very dark place in my past and the desire to change the perceptions that echoed in the mirror.
Creepy in a "Dawn Of The Dead" way, however to me,  thats complement.
 Using  a round table top, plaster of Paris, resin, cheese cloth and work shirts... ( hmm , metaphoric maybe?) This piece has been hidden in an storage area for many moons, as it still holds more charge than I bargained for. I used a dental  product for my face casting (don't do this alone, I about passed out holding my breath till the compound solidified)
I don't love the end result, but can't depose of...yet!
 The resin hands reaching out, was my feeble nod to the Sistine chapel's "Creation" with God's determined hand and Adam's (man's) flaccid passive.....although my hands indicate escape!

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