House Blessings

House Blessings
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Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fish wall Art

For whatever reason, I got hung up on doing "Fish" when I returned to the world of cement;  I used a barnacle  type of shell for the eye, I wanted to add texture for interest... so I cut strips of "feed sacks" or "gunny sacks" dipping them in a diluted Portland cement mixture and layered them on the hand formed fish in the "tacky" state of drying.  A few days pass before I paint with acrylics, then a final coat of cement sealer.
I am always looking for a new way to make the "fish eye", this time I used a light bulb (the male screw end) and like the depth and elements it offered.
I seriously don't know how I came to make a mermaid, I thought I was making an Angel until I started making a fin tail rather than wings.
Freshly made and naked
Seahorse, staying with the ocean theme.
Playing with the native American flavor.

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