House Blessings

House Blessings
Symbols, Nature and Kanji

Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Cement and hypertufa house blessings

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hypertufa, Art and objects for the Garden

2 more days to cure and he can leave the building.

 I made him a hat, (the last one became a mushroom cap) but the more I look at it it screams bird bath (see small picture above). I am determined to have one guy ware a rice hat!

I wanted to give this guy more interest, so I gave him a tan bath and a  head dressing. as he drys the color will dull to a clay/ sand hue.

  .the symbol for truth at his crown
I Ching coins?...don't know yet

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  1. My favorite so far
    I think I would like to try this.